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Meet Fanta Sillah


fantaFanta Sillah finds her artistic inspiration in her village of Yonna in central Gambia. She expresses her love of people and nature through sketch work and moderate colors on local cotton canvas. While life in her small village is often challenging, Fanta uses those emotions to enliven her artwork and invite viewers into her world. This creative young artist hopes to continue her studies in the USA. Her future goals include furthering her artistic talents and pursuing a degree in nursing to help her family and friends in Yonna and beyond.

Fanta lives with her Mother, Jarray, and older brother, Saikou. They share their home with extended family that includes another Mom, four brothers, and a sister. Her father worked as a driver before a car accident took his life.

When You Purchase Artwork by Fanta

Fanta is a very talented artist who has entrusted her creations to me. While I do own the artwork, my intention is to offer it to others to enjoy and to use the profit from these sales for Fanta’s schooling and to help her family in Yonna. As such, this is an important ministry that I hope helps this young woman and her family. A portion of each sale’s profit is gifted to Fanta and her family toward their education fund. The remainder of the profit is used for the school and village necessities.

When you purchase one of her original artworks, a reproduction, or other art product, you are assisting Fanta and her siblings in creating a better life for themselves. You are also supporting Fanta’s dreams of becoming a nurse.

Why a nurse? Fanta has seen many of her friends and family die from treatable illnesses. Medical care in her country requires payment up front and may not be available even then. At only 15 years old, her best friend died from a food-related illness. She has seen other family members and friends grow very ill from poor nutrition and lifestyle issues. These were good people trying to do the best for themselves and their families. They just did not have the knowledge nor the resources.

Another inspiration to a future in the medical field came from the nurses and doctor who treated her Mother when she was severely ill. Had it not been for them, she might have lost her dearly beloved Mom and faced even more uncertainty in life.

As a nurse, she will be able to help those in need. However, even more important, she will gain knowledge in preventing disease and illness through good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. Fanta aspires to make a difference in the lives of those around her.





How Do I Purchase Artwork by Fanta?

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Where is Gambia?

The Gambia is on the Western coast of Africa, surrounded on three sides by the country of Senegal. Its west coast enjoys the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. The country is formed around the Gambian River, also known as the Smiling River for it’s smiling shape.

Although it only gained its independence in 1965, Gambia has an interesting history well beyond that. In fact, Gambian history records go back to 470bc. <read more here>



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