Meet Our Staff: Carson Shaffer, Salesman

And here on this sunny day (well sunny in Florida, a very rare occasion might I add) we’re doing a Q/A with one of Comp-Ware Systems’ successful salesmen – Carson Shaffer.   Carson is an Air Force Veteran, Musician, IT Guy, and Feed Store Owner. He lives on...

Meet Our Staff: Diane Kann, Web Design, Blogger

And here today we’re with Diane Kann, wife of Richard Kann! Even though Diane isn’t an official member of the CompWare business, she has still done a large amount to contribute towards the business. Now, let’s get started! Here below is a short bio to get to know a...

Meet Our Staff: Richard Kann, President/CEO

As you may know, Comp-Ware Systems has been around for over thirty-two years, and in that time span has had the privilege of serving over five-hundred customers in thirty-three states as well as, Canada, British West Indies, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa. Comp-Ware...
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