You arrive home from the trade show, exhausted, but full of idetired catas, new found knowledge and many new contacts. You were well prepared for the trade show and that preparation paid off in a wealth of information and experiences while you were there. What now?

When you return from the trade show, it’s important to not lose sight of your direction. Begin by organizing your folders, brochures and business cards. Remember those notes you took skillfully? Organize those, too, and add any additional thoughts to those. Often your mind will be working on new concepts for days or weeks after the show. Don’t be afraid to add to your notes when an idea comes to mind.

Colored sticky notes will come in very handy here. Prioritize the information you have received by making a short note on a sticky note and attaching to the folder or brochure. You might even cross reference these to any notes that you made on your tablet to keep your information cohesive.

Note which vendors you want to contact in the days after the show, and which you will contact down the line. Some information is pertinent today, while other products or services might be more functional in 6 months. Noting these differences will help prevent being lost in the shuffle of what is no doubt pounds of material from various vendors.

Consider new ideas

after trade showConsider what new ideas you plan to bring to your store now, too. New products are always found at the shows, but often a new marketing idea or sales help can increase your revenue without adding a product line. Can you display the dog collars in a way that increases sales? Will shuffling your fish supplies make them more visible and draw customers to them? Did you learn a new ordering procedure that will allow you to have the right products available when your customers most need them?

Gather your notes and decide on your plan of action. Then call your employees together for idea sharing. Your enthusiasm will drive theirs; keep them inspired and excited. Teach new procedures, give them direction and listen to their ideas,as well.

team meetingThe enthusiasm and inspiration garnered from a trade show will usually show in increased sales of your current products, in addition to new sales from the products you have added through the show. Keep in touch with your vendors; they will help you avoid stalls in your sales and continue to help you after the trade show in finding ways to increase your business by helping customers.

This is also the time to plan for your next trade show. Make notes of what you wish you had done differently, perhaps planned more time at vendors or found other ways to network. Was your trade show budget for purchases about right or would you have liked to have more to spend at the show on products and supplies? Make a list of all the changes you will make for your next show, and also a list of those that worked well to repeat.

Trade Shows Comp-Ware will attend this year

Trade shows are a wealth of information and can really boost your store’s profits!

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