Improve Your Pet Store Sales By Implementing These 3 Simple Steps


Pet store owners or those planning to start a pet store or any pet industry related business consider sales as vital. Do you want to know some effective methods to increase sales in your store and make your customers come back to your store again and again? This article is filled with such awesome ideas to improve your store sales.


  • Promote your pet store


Promotion can be done in many ways. In this growing world of the internet, online platforms can play a major role in the promotion of your pet store. Your store can be the talk of the town by hosting events participating the pets, their owners, etc.

Internet Marketing:

improve your store sales

Making yourself seen in the internet world is a vital task in promoting your store as well to increase sales. Creating an online platform like websites and register it in online directories, etc.  This enables people to know and recognize your venture easily. Keep your website optimized to more pet-related keywords and information. Also, your posts provide valuable content for your customers to see and learn.

As a pet store owner, you may be too busy to personally focus on such platforms. Invest your money on internet marketing and hire some professional who can expertly handle your web pages. Make sure that these pages post all simple events and offer up to date. Web pages with less responsivity is not a plus point, but instead will be a drawback when comes to sales. Keep your web page always active and live. Provide a reason for people to come back to your website.

Social marketing:


Posting every lively picture of the pets that walk out of your doors with their owner will be a positive impact on the people watching them. Social media is a place where people look for cute and adorable pictures of their favorite pet. After every event conducted by your store, the pictures of the events posted on these social platforms will attract more potential customers. It has a larger impact on your sales at a lower cost when compared to other ways of promotions. In fact, photos provide a free and easy marketing tool.




Customers love to groom their pets and make them look perfect in front of the whole world. Host more pet oriented events, which include fashion shows on occasions and holidays. Announce the event on your web page and social media page with attractive notes and design. Pet lovers will come running to attend the event. Use this opportunity to spread the idea about your pet store and give out gift cards to make them come back again for added benefits.


improve your store sales

Holiday sales:


Every industry focus on this holiday sale scheme. Special offers and value-added services can be introduced, which is a common practice in all stores. Your pet store can be made unique and can stand out among others by creating your own holiday sale. Let the reason be something of an unnecessary coincidence, such as a sale on bird supplies on world vegetarian day, as birds enjoy vegetarian food, too! Your efforts make you the talk of the town. Also, don’t forget to offer good services for real attraction. An improved and well planned holiday sale will help you to gain more potential customers who will keep coming back.



improve your store sales

Advertisements in the store:


Wherever the customer looks, there should be a poster showing what are the current offers and upcoming ones on your store. Advertisements in the checkouts and offering more pet related accessories and treats at the checkouts will tend the customer to grab one of them quickly.

Bonus In-store Ideas:


Consider setting up product videos to explain products and services. While it is always best to talk to each customer in person, these videos offer another means of marketing, too.

Also, a video cam featuring your store mascot or pets available creates lively interest both in the store and on your website! You’ve seen the baby giraffe cam and other live animal cams. People turn to a website more frequently to see what antics those kittens are up to at the moment or to see your store mascot, Jerry Jenday entertaining customers.



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  • Be more customer friendly


Connection with customers: To attract and make them come back it is important to give quality service at the store. Quality of service lies on many factors. For example, a good friendly approach from the staff to getting easily available quality products to fast track billing checkouts can impact on the impression a customer gets on the store.

Train your staffs to be friendly and responsive to each customer. Also, make sure you will be able to fulfill the real needs of the person approaching your store. Patiently answer every question they ask you. Get your store filled with quality products you can recommend. It’s important to avoid complaints regarding the products as it affects the store’s reputation. Stock yourself with trusted and frequently bought products as well as other pet related accessories.  Of course, the last thing you want is a customer going back from your store with empty hands. Or even worse, returning sub-quality items.

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Use Technology tools


Equip your store with the latest technology tools so that the customers won’t be delayed at the checkouts. Keep attractive gift cards, loyalty cards and other offers at the billing counter. Keeping track of customers is an important aspect of making them come back to your store more often. For example, when a customer reaches your store, if you know the name of the customer and the pet as well, you can just impress the person by asking the whereabouts of the pet and calling it by its name. Such a simple gesture will also create a great impression.

You stock pet-specific products for your customers. Likewise, a pet store specific point-of-sales system will help you to manage all these customer related aspects, from keeping track of your customer to getting them the right thing they want. These tools will help you to give the best service to your valuable customers. In turn, they will be coming back to enjoy such an amazing service.

Your pet store system should also encourage your happy customers to tell their friends about you. Consider using newsletters that include promotions they can share. Also, encourage gift giving for friend’s pets.



  • Other pet industry businesses and individuals


Keep a good relationship with other pet industry individuals in your surrounding as well. This will help you in gaining new customers. For example, if you own a feed store and your customer have any doubts regarding what a new kind of food, you can immediately discuss with the veterinarian for the best option. If an owner visits the veterinarian with their pet and discusses the best feed for their pet, then the veterinarian can suggest your feed store for quality products and so on.

Additionally, consider forming relationships with pet photographers and other pet-related professionals. Each contact may mean dozens of new customers your way!

Always keep a good relationship with other pet industry individuals as their customer need and yours’ is the same.



improve your store sales





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improve your store sales

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