Hey everyone so, I’m basically the one behind the scenes (ok I made an appearance at the Las Vegas Super Zoo this year and if we didn’t meet I really missed out so, you should then see me at the Orlando Global expo next year and we can chat!) putting together blog posts, social media advertisements, and being one myself I help give advice to keep our millennial customers happy! and a few other little things along with these.


Anyways moving along. I live in Central Florida, I’ve been a Barista at Starbucks since August. Guess I’m kind of a jack of all trades? haha, I have skills in art, social media, health, culinary, agriculture, basic repairs, music and, political debate. but my future plans include heading to college for my Nursing Degree well possibly taking minors in dance and art so, yeah!  I love to socialize with people so please feel free to start up a conversation with me!

Ok that’s probably enough now unto the questions~


Favorite hobby to do when the work is at a break time point?


Oh gosh, I have a lot haha. The ones I’m currently active in now would be painting, reading, photography, baking and well hanging out with friends counts I mean right?


First job and the change that job placed in your life?


I mean, my first true job was when I worked in our family farm store which is called Heart of Christmas Farms. I probably pulled a lot of communication skills from that one, it also helped develop skills in working with a variety of personality types.


Book or movie person?


That’s a tough one… I’d have to say books though. They give you the ability to use so much more imagination and they tend to go into further depth than movies *cough* Lord of The Rings *cough*.


Who’s made the biggest impact for you?


Honestly, I can’t pick one person because so many have done something to change me.

To pick one, I’d have to go with a counselor at a camp I used to attend as a student. She’s helped me in so many ways and given me solid advice to place in my life.


If money was no issue, what car including year would you own?


I’ll be frank and say I’m not really too into cars but I’d have to go with one of the 2018 dodges like the challenger, demon or Hellcat. Haha, anything fast that revs loudly.


Out of all the places you’ve visited, what’s been the one to bring you to aw?


Oh, Rome definitely. Everywhere the old buildings, the art, and the fountains were breathtaking and oh so photogenic. Just all the hundreds of years of history withheld there is beautiful.


Apple fanatic or android all the way?


Android. Nothing else needed to be said, just android


Number one food joint you’ve been to that’s left you on cloud nine?


In the United States, Shake Shack is amazing. But this one in Florence Italy called Chianineria, that one is my all time favorite it was so good.


Of the two S’s, are you a sweet or spicy kind of food lover?


It depends on the mood I’m in but a majority of the time I prefer sweetness.


If you could sit down for a cup of coffee with one famous individual alive or dead, who would you choose?


Huh, that’s a tough one… I don’t know why I placed this on myself I really should have thought this through before making it one of the questions for everyone, heh.


I’d have to go with one of the poets from the Romantic period like William Wordsworth or John Keats, I think it would be fairly interesting to hear their thoughts on the world put into the beautiful poetic words they use or, maybe a song artist who had a dramatic life change so I could hear their story.


Now, for the finale
Spirit animal and why


Panda bear. they love food, social, cuddle, and sleep time.


That’s the end, Thank you so much for joining us in our Meet Our Staff series! Be sure if you have any questions you’d like to ask to leave a comment below, on our Facebook post or, on our twitter post!


~Bethany J. K

Business Concierge Service Manager

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