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You might be in the same boat as I am with this being your first pet store convention you’ve been to and are wondering “what all is even going on and, what happens at a pet store convention??”, Believe me, I had the same thought when I first heard of them!

As you may know, the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada pet store convention on June 26th running through the 28th is happening in a month but, what you may not know is, this will be my first time attending one of these and, to be one of the faces representing the company I work with, Comp-ware Systems, and the POS pet and feed store sales systems we sell.

I’ll be honest, I’m slightly overwhelmed yet, excited by the fact I will have the privilege of meeting so many individuals, family or, large pet store owners But, in the thought process of this, I came to thinking. If it’s like this for me, how could it possibly be for the attendees who are first timers as well? So, I decided to take time and write some of my experience, the research I’ve done on these and, interview other people who are attending this spectacular pet store convention!


For this first post, I’ve taken the time to look around the grand space of knowledge by the name Google to find out about the Pet store conventions so, here it goes!


Types of Exhibits to be seen:

There is a wide array of exhibit types to be seen at one of these shows full of unique products and,  innovations but, most importantly, the people who work behind them, here’s a list of the kinds you would be seeing:


  • Aquatic/pond products, foods, and plants/fish/coral
  • Bird food, treats and, products
  • Boarding products
  • Cat food, treats and, products
  • Daycare/spa products for pets
  • Dog food, treats and, products
  • Equine food, tack and, products
  • Gifts
  • Grooming products
  • Live animals
  • Natural food and, treats
  • Non-animal products for service providing
  • POS/store equipment (I highly recommend this one specifically CompWare Systems so you can stop by to chat with me and the rest of the team!)
  • Reptile food, treats and, products
  • Small animal food, treats and, products
  • Training products
 And so so much more!


At this moment
you’re probably feeling very, very overwhelmed by the variety they have here and, the fact they have over a thousand exhibitors coming to this show but, have no fear, the next blog post to be written will be done through interviewing a few of our customers who own pet stores and, have found the best way to explore the convention well getting the most out of it!


On top of all these exhibitors. They have twelve retail speakers and twenty-five grooming speakers. Seminars on retail, pet wellness, grooming and, the service industry, all adding up to 85 hours of education! meaning, planning ahead of time for where to be when will probably give you the best of time spent.


pet store convention

Oh, and how could I forget to mention. They are featuring a dog grooming contest worth various amounts for first, second and third place in each division and, for 1st place champion, ten-thousand dollars! So, if you own a pet grooming business I highly recommend you sign up for this. If you’re not but grooming fascinates you, you can add it to your list of things to see because they have the contests open for the attendees viewing!


Well, that’s all for today. Check in next week for how other store owners have prepared for the Pet Store convention!


Thank you so much for reading and, check out for additional information!


Bethany Kann, Mgr of business concierge services at Comp-Ware Systems

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