Pet Store Promotion Ideas


Looking for some creative pet store promotion ideas? Hoping to contain your advertising budget?

Most pet stores advertise in a variety of formats. However, finding ways to stretch that advertising, without adding high costs, increases value to your store.

Consider These Pet Store Promotion Ideas


  • pet store promotion ideasHost a Pet Costume or Fashion Show.

    • Your guests bring their pets decked out in fashion or in cute costumes. Customers vote for the best and the winning pet receives a prize, such as a treat or toy.
  • Alternatively, host a Pet Show.

    • Plan on many gifts and award to the funniest, tallest, hairiest, best trick, and so on. The more laughs and fun, the better for your promotion. We’ve even seen awards given to the laziest, which might be the basset hound who just wants to sleep.



  • Pet-of-the-week promotions offer an opportunity to learn more about your customers’ pets.

    • They bring in a favorite photo. You post on a board in your store. Then, once a week or once a month, choose one to be your pet-of the-week (or month)


  • Host a  Customer Appreciation Day.

    • Provide your current customers with a special discount card to shop during that time. Serve snacks and drinks. In addition, allow each customer to bring a friend, or several friends. Remember, these friends could become customers, too.
    • Some stores find these special times bring even more appreciation by scheduling during times your store in normally closed. Add in some small features such as a pet photographer and free giveaways for added value. Then, feature the event in your newsletter and on your website.


  • Plan coupons, contests, and free samples.

    • Promote them in store, but also on your website and in your newsletter. People love saving money. Contests can be as simple as guessing the number of dog treats in the jar. However, you might also feature a more complex contest, such as a Treasure Hunt.
    • Cross advertise with non-pet stores, too. You offer coupons to another business, perhaps the neighborhood ice cream shop. In turn, they give coupons to your store to their customers.



  • pet store promotion ideas



  • Host a Celebration!

    • The anniversary of your business grand opening is always a reason to celebrate. However, many other reasons to celebrate exist, too. Look for special holidays such as this Pet Holiday Calendar.


  • pet store promotion ideas
  • Plan a Special In-Store Event

      • These might include:
        • Pet Charity Fundraiser
        • Pet Adoption Event
        • Holidays (photo with Santa, etc)
        • New Product Launch
        • Pet Food Expert visit
        • Pet training expert
        • Groomer Day

    With any of these, promotion is important, both before and after the event. Plan ahead and let everyone know of the event. Also, invite your local news people for even more coverage. Your website and newsletter should feature the event often. Also, showcase the event wi
    thin your store with posters and banners. You might include a special note on receipts, too.

    • After the event, let your newsletter and website readers see the success of the event. Photos, carefully detailed articles, and perhaps even a short video greatly enhance the experience. In fact, these all ensure continued advertising from your past event.

These provide a good starting point for pet store promotion ideas.

Use them to plan the upcoming year.

We encourage you to plan a year, or more, ahead. You might need to make additions or changes. But planning events ahead helps protect against those last minute problems.


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