Use these short videos to help understand the modules of DARTS. Click on the category to go to the page with the videos listed.

As always, if you have questions, please contact us directly.


  • Understanding how the menus work
  • Understanding how the reports work
  • How to setup sales people
  • How to assign passwords for menus and programs

Inventory Control

  • Setting up major product codes (main department break-down)
  • Setting up manufacturer codes
  • Setting up product codes (departments)
  • How to do a physical inventory


  • Setting up common items and common categories image recall for POS
  • Setting up companion sales prompts for POS
  • Setting up coupons and miscellaneous charges and credits for POS
  • Setting up a loyalty reward program
  • How to do a return in POS
  • Setting up round up for charity for POS
  • How to sell and use gift cards in POS
  • How to set up the miscellaneous department keys for POS


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