Point-of-sale systems for 

pet and feed stores

Designed by

pet industry veterans


Time-saving inventory management and forecasting


 Easy-to-use interface for fast employee onboarding


10% discount for WPA members!



Technology that works, no matter what

On-site data storage

An internet failure should 

never shut down your system

Remote system access

Wherever you are,

your system is just a click away

24/7 emergency support

Technology should be a solution,

not a problem

Engage with your customers

in-store and online

Keep customers coming back with reward programs (buy X, get Y).


Compete with online retailers using our complete e-commerce solution.


Offer the convenience of delivery and curbside pick-up.

Optimize your inventory, save time and money


3 hours

Less time spent ordering

replacement inventory


Reduction in waste inventory


Added profit from

sliding scale pricing

The power to manage

your inventory and pricing


Order only the products that matter with our advanced inventory management and forecasting tools.


Pay less by automatically comparing prices between suppliers.


Save time with an easy order interface to major distributors.


Maximize profits with automated sliding scale pricing.

Wherever you go, your POS

follows with our mobile devices



Receive products easily and efficiently.


Save time and reduce errors in physical inventorying.


Speed up your registers by pre-scanning items.


Change prices from anywhere and generate labels on the spot.


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