Do you need a pet store website for e-commerce and local delivery?


Why even consider a pet store website for e-commerce and local delivery options?

While many people still enjoy browsing pet stores in person, e-commerce sales continue to grab an increasing portion of the pet supply market share. Even before COVID19 became an issue, customers readily searched for online stores to provide local delivery to their homes. And, since the coronavirus pandemic, that trend expanded at a much higher rate. In fact, the upward movement in online sales expanded more quickly than most retailers anticipated. Even giants like Amazon, found themselves not prepared for this year.

Many pet stores offer local delivery. However, managing the increase in delivery requests made the new demand challenging. Other stores needed the means to establish a local delivery base, too.


The needed solution

Comp-Ware Systems, Inc searched for a suitable solution for our customers. However, without a good e-commerce site available for a reasonable cost, we built one. We designed the ARCHER system to be fully compatible with the DARTS software. This seamless integration provides our customers with the ability to sell their products online as well as in-store.

  • Your ARCHER site can be customized the way you want it.
  • ARCHER is fully integrated with the DARTS system (no double entries!)
    • Products are added to ARCHER by the DARTS POS system
    • Availability automatically updates indicating in-stock, low stock, and out-of-stock.
    • It automatically loads orders onto the POS system
    • Items automatically removed from ARCHER if you choose to not show on the e-com site.
  • Use the same pricing with DARTS and ARCHER, or use different pricing.
  • Choose which items to allow to load onto ARCHER, or load all..
  • Automatically creates category and brand breakdowns on ARCHER
  • Email notification automatically sent to the store.
    • Just recall order on the DARTS system and it’s ready for you.
  • Produces picking tickets and labels,
  • Set payment options (via your credit card processor, Paypal, etc)
  • Optimized for desktop, tablet, and phone usage

ARCHER allows orders for in-store, curbside pickup, or home delivery.

>>>Shipping options available, too.<<<


Why we chose the Woo Commerce platform



pet store website for e-commerce


Quite simply, we looked for the most powerful e-commerce solution to integrate with DARTS. Also, affordability to our customers directed our search. But primarily we wanted the absolute best platform to create the best e-commerce site.

Woo Commerce gave us the options we needed.

And others agree. In fact, our research turned up many reviews that confirmed our findings.  In addition, Woo Commerce holds the largest share of online stores.<ref:data>




ARCHER: A Pet Store Website For E-commerce, Local Delivery

For over 30 years, COMP-WARE SYSTEMS, INC has been exclusive to the pet and feed industry. You specialize in the pet market. And, so do we. That specialization allows us to provide industry-specific solutions to your point-of-sale and e-commerce needs.

Also, we proudly support the pet and feed industry!






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