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Welcome to the Comp-Ware Systems family!

Comp-Ware Systems has been in the point-of-sale and back-office computing business since 1981 (before the first PC even existed).  We have been actively supporting business since 1982, but each year we add new features and interfaces to keep DARTS state-of-the-art. Our system supports Windows 7 and 8 64-bit technology, dual screen displays for customer advertising/slide shows, RF wireless units reaching 300’ or more (for p/o receipts, inventory pricing, POS check-out and mobile Bluetooth printing for shelf/item labels). Tell us your needs and we will show you how to fill them.


Our Staff have all either owned or managed pet stores all around the United States. Combined we have over 40 years experience in the industry which is why we understand all the issues a Pet or Feed store owner will run into.


Why is that important? We include all the special needs of this industry such as tracking multi-bag/case buyer programs, monitoring livestock sales/feeding/medicating, producing paperwork for various government agencies, business requirements, and your record keeping. You need someone to work with you that knows what you are talking about and can provide workable solutions to cut down on your time and expenses. We provide that and more. Additionally, the grooming, kennel management, puppy sales, puppy training and other modules enhance your business potential more than any generic system can possibly do. DARTS is THE pet store POS solution!


Software and Hardware are important, but excellent customer service makes our top rated product even better. Our DARTS owners are not just customers. We don’t just sell you a system. We are here to help before the sale and after.



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