Hiring the right people for your company is vital in all businesses. The employees you will hire will represent your company, your company’s goals, objectives, vision, and mission, and even your principles as a business owner. Your employees will also be the ones to realize and materialize what your services are all about.

For your pet and feed store, what do you envision for your business to be? Your answers should be the basis of how you, as business owners, hire the important people that will run your business. Are you all about efficiency? Increasing profit margin? Are you into sustainability? Do you just want to hire someone to do a task? Do you want something meaningful for your company? These play important roles in your selection process for recruiting new employees for your pet store.

So how do we do this? What is the best way to hire new employees that will fit your pet business perfectly? We have some tips on how to find the right employees to hire for a pet store. Aside from the usual lists of considerations when you start with your new staff recruitment and selection process, we want to concentrate more on hiring for a pet store. This becomes a little more specialized as we tackle the needs for pet stores and not just a general business establishment. However, we are sure you can apply these to other businesses, as well. If you want to learn more about the best way to hire new employees for your pet store, we encourage you to continue reading until the end.

So, you are looking for the right people for your pet business. You have put out a call that you are hiring for vacant positions for your store, the application starts coming in, and you’ve done all the necessary steps in the recruitment process, you check the applicant résumés, you do the background checks, you’ve found the ones with potential, and you have called them for an interview. What now? Now you concentrate on the ones that match your pet store. 



As business owners, surely you want your staff to have similar beliefs as you. Are their beliefs compatible with yours? Firstly, do they want to deal with pets and pet products? That will be a major downside if they are not remotely interested in animals. This is what your business is all about, and they should have at least the slightest interest in what your services are. Aside from this, are they team players? Do they have issues working with other people and customers? Are they able to create a good working environment with colleagues or a hostile one? Will they be able to get along with the rest of your team? If not in any of these, hiring them would not be ideal.



We have talked about being a team player previously. We understand that some people have problems with their social skills, and that can be understandable to some extent. But do they have the willingness to change some things that need to be changed? Do they have the enthusiasm to work in your work setting? Do they have a big attitude problem when dealing with customers and to add with that, a questionable work ethic? This might be an issue if this does not get checked right away. Who would want to have a snobby staff who snarls at customers when asked about your store? Or a staff who only wants their way and is completely untrainable? This is why having the right attitude is important.



We have to make sure that when we hire someone for the job, they better have the skills how to do it. Now we are not trying to discriminate here. Sure, we understand a lot of things can be learned on the job. We are true believers in that! However, you cannot hire just anyone to do the job of a doctor, for example. Are they equipped to work for your store? Do they have the necessary skills that fit your job description? Or at the very least, are they willing to be trained? If you’re looking for a cashier, are they able to do the task correctly? You will need someone trustworthy to handle money and also someone who has basic mathematical skills for this job. If you are looking for customer assistance and store clerks, are they comfortable dealing with customers? Would they be willing to learn the products and inventory and have the right attitude to assist customers? These are important considerations when you hire someone that fit your job description. If they don’t have the basic skills for it, it’s not the best idea to put them in that job.



Consider hiring someone who is committed to the pet industry. Do you think they are in it for a long time or just temporarily? Understandably, people want something that would help them grow in their career, so find out if they have this desire in your company. Will they stay for a long time or just jump from one job to another? While it can be quite difficult to look for this, there are actually people who find their passion for working with animals and working in the pet industry. So, consider hiring someone who wants to work in this field permanently. Hiring, then re-hiring, training and then re-training will be expensive for a company, in the long run, so make sure to find that diamond in the rough who loves the jobs that you can offer in your pet store.


While we understand there are many other factors to consider in how to pick a good employee for your store, these are some basic tips on how to find the right employees to hire for a pet store. It can be quite difficult to hit the nail on the head for each of these tips, not all people are the same after all, and not all would find permanence in the pet industry, but if we follow these steps, you surely can find the right ones for you perfect for your store.


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