1.Data conversion: Can I convert the data from my old system to the new Darts POS system?

If your old system has the ability to generate tab-delimited or comma-delimited files then yes. We can also use excel or fixed length files. If you have a QuickBooks or MARS system then we have specialists that can get your data off the old system.  But, keep in mind the old adage ‘garbage in, garbage out’. The data we load will only be as good as what it is now. If you ‘made up’ part numbers for vendors then it may not work well. Also, any data errors like incorrect UPC’s and the like will cause issues. We will be glad to examine your old data at no charge to let you know if converting it over is feasible and recommended or not. We can also quote you a price to do the conversion.


2. Can I use the equipment from our old system on the new Darts POS?

Depends on the make, model and interface the equipment uses. Get us a list of what you have and we can let you know if it is usable. We support many brands of scanners, receipt printers and cash drawers. Some receipt printers may not be compatible with printing bar codes, logos, and the like so those features will not be available to you if you use the old equipment.


3. What version of Windows do you support?

Main unit should be Windows 10 Pro, Windows 2012 server. Workstations can be Windows 10 Pro, or Windows 7 Pro.


4. Do you sell your DARTS POS product for other types of stores like hardware stores or groceries?

No, we made a decision over 30 years ago to devote our resources to the pet and feed industries. Because of this, we can offer features that no other POS business management system can that are industry specific. This has allowed us to develop excellent working relationships with most of the vendors and distributors in the industry.


5. Are there other ways you support the industry?

Yes, we a proud to be members of PIJAC, the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, in Washington DC. They monitor new laws that might affect pet store and have legal staff to deal with those prospective laws. Visit their web page for more info at www.pijac.org.


6. Does your system interface to Quickbooks?

Yes. We generate an importable file to Quickbooks that can do 1 day or any number of days at one time.



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