Inventory Control

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wand 2       Seasonal inventory forecasting 4 seasons

DARTS is  unique in its order projection design. We look at every item and determine its selling season(s), the rate of  change in sales from year to year, special cases,  and many other factors we have developed over the years to forecast what you will sell over the next few weeks. Our system is 98% accurate compared to much less accurate reorder point systems. That means your money will not be tied up in inventory that collects dust on the shelf. In fact, combined with our ‘Non-Movement’ and ‘Overstock’ reports you should be able to maximize at a 12 times turn or better!



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Price shoppingbest price tag

Our ordering system has the ability to price shop between vendors. If you so choose, the system can split the orders based on which vendor  has the best price from all the catalogs we load on the system.These catalogs include most if not all of your main suppliers.


Other Key Features Include:

  • Alternate item numbers
  • barcode label printing
  • Kits processing
  • Multiple pricing levels
  • Multiple vendor tracking
  • Physical inventory module
  • Price label printing
  • Promotional sale pricing
  • RGIS inventory specialists data loader
  • Superseded item processing
  • Vendor catalog loader


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