1. Plan your call to action, or CTA

blog post


Before beginning your post by considering what your call to action, or CTA will be. Will you be prompting your reader to take advantage of a disco


Whatever your goal, your post needs to be considered as you write. Also consider whether you are promoting a low-cost item, which might be an impulse purchase, or a higher ticket item that might require more thought and information.unt? Perhaps you are building your email list and are inviting them to join. Or are you promoting a new product and encouraging readers to make a purchase.




2. Choose your topic


With your CTA in mind, it’s time to decide on a topic. Consider your audience, time of year, and current trends. You might also consider looking for topics that are currently popular on social media. Chances are that if people are actively discussing a topic, it is one of high interest to many.

Once you’ve got some topic ideas, do a bit of online research. Are these topics popular on the Google searches? If so, they are probably worth creating content about them.



3. Create your content and Optimize


Your Google search should also show you what others have already written about, with regards to the topic. You might consider using Content Explorer or Buzzsumo to see what was shared and why.

blog postHighlight important points using bold and italics, interspersed. Break up the post with short paragraphs and catchy headers. Use simple language and short sentences. These factors all ensure your post is easily read. Also, include images and photos. Pictures help break up the wording and draw attention to the topic.

Blog visitors read about 20% of the content of the average page they visit. Our lives are busy and our attention spans limited. Most skim through looking for important points. Ensure yours jump out!

Additionally, make sure your content is relevant easy to understand. Explain your topic clearly and simply.







4. Compose a captivating headline


Choose a captivating headline. Just as your storefront introduces your customer to your business, your headline needs to speak directly to the reader. A strong title will compel your reader to open the post and read. You have his interest!




5. Write conversationally

blog post

Write as if you’re having a conversation with a friend. When content is easy to read and feels personal, it compels the reader to engage in it. Write with your personal honesty,  but include facts to back up statements such as statistics and case studies.

Hint: If you don’t know how you sound in a conversation, record yourself talking about your content topic.  Read the post out loud and play it back for yourself.  You are trying to appeal to people’s emotions. Storytelling is a great way to encourage readers to relate to your message.








6. Find your voice


Determining a clear brand voice helps in planning your website and all your marketing. Do you see your brand as exclusive, serious, fun, quirky, exclusive? Write your content with this voice in mind. Also, include imagery that fits with your brand personality. Consider how your brand voice would speak directly to a person. How would that voice talk to someone making a purchase?




7. Insert your CTAs


Where you insert your CTA is crucial to your conversion rate. People click on links and CTAs because of their relevance. Place them strategically, and don’t just squeeze in as many as you can. You’re trying to guide your reader towards the desired action, not bombard them over and over. You can insert a CTA right into the text of your content, or have them in exit-intent popups, or sidebar scroll popups. An opt-in bar is also a good, non-intrusive way of adding a call to action to your content.




The Final Product


Creating quality content is an essential part of your website. However, it needs to be more than just being entertaining. Your blog content should be relevant, and work well with your CTAs. Also, it needs to have a purpose, be optimized, and suit your brand voice in order to convert your browsers into loyal shoppers.




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