Point-of-Sale Features

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Buy X Get Y dog/cat food program


buyxNo more cards. No more file cabinets and or card storage boxes. No more frustration when the customer frequent buyer card is not in alphabetical order in the box. Just let the system know what dog/cat food programs you want to take part in and the system takes over. It tracks the sales when a customer buys, notifies you and the customer how far along they are to the free bag (or another offer) goal, and tells you when they earned the reward. Just send the report (or coupons) to the supplier and get your check. Everything the supplier needs to reimburse is on the form we generate. And, no more collecting UPC codes from the bags (for 99% of the companies). In fact, our system is one of the only ones that suppliers will accept that from.

Round-Up for Charitywand 2

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The round-up for charity is a win-win-win  marketing tool. Weekly or monthly you would pick a charity to promote (like greyhound rescue). The system will ask if the customer would like to round-up the dollar amount of their purchase to the next whole dollar to make a contribution to the charity.  At the end of the promotion, you would put u a sign saying our customer raised $xxx.xx for the charity.  In the meascreenshot 4ntime the charity organization will send people to your store as they have something to gain, it costs nothing to you as the monies come from your customers. They feel happy, the charity is happy, and you get new customers! Win-Win-Win.


wand 2Item Image Select



The image select feature allows you to recall images of items such as rawhides, fish, cookies and the like, to select the correct item to sell. This is great for items with no bar codes or labels. Recall is by department, manufacturer or description.





Other Key Features Include:

  • Bad check block
  • Buy X get Y free programs (ie: buy 10 bags, get 1 free)
  • Customer database
  • Customer purchase history lookup
  • Debit/Credit card processing
  • Deceased stock tracking
  • Department & item specific messages on receipts
  • Frequent Buyer Program
  • Gift Certificates
  • In-House charge capability
  • Layaways with multiple deposits
  • Livestock price lists
  • Lookup by UPC, PLU number, and description
  • Pricing by customer, group, item, product group, etc
  • Prior transaction recall
  • Quotes
  • Sale price matrix with start/end dates and times
  • Security protected discounting
  • Store and manufacturer’s coupon processing
  • Store credits
  • Store use tracking
  • Suggestive selling lists and prompts (ie: Would you like fries with that?)
  • Suspend sale
  • Support for POS customer dual screens, cash drawers, barcode
  • readers, receipt printers



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