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DARTS Grooming Module

Gives You an Edge on the Competition


Does your store currently provide pet grooming services?

Or do you hope to add this service in the near future?

Our Grooming module provides you with all the tools you need to successfully compete with others!

You hire great groomers. Your grooming room includes the best equipment. However, to successfully compete with other local groomers, you need your records system to provide you with reliable and complete information.

The DARTS grooming module tracks all the needed information and delivers reports in an easy to use format. Your groomers will appreciate the ease of use and detailed information.


Features of DARTS Grooming Module


  • groomingReservation system allows for multiple dogs, multiple groomers, multiple dates, and multiple pets per client
  • Allows for multiple clients at the same time for the same groomer.
  • Easy to read appointment schedule.
  • Schedule any number of days in advance.
  • Appointment, no show, productivity reports and more.
  • Tracks no-shows
  • groomingEasy check-in and out that ties to POS to add additional sales of products
  • Detailed grooming notes including the history of all the grooming appointments with details of what was done.
  •  Detailed vaccination and medical records tracking for the safety of your groomers, clients and their pets.
  • Allows storage of pictures of the pet and customer.
  • Rates based on services done and/or groomer
  • groomingAbility to store a ‘standard’ service for each pet (what is normally done when pet is in)



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